Can a Christian Replace Employees with AI?

"My regional manager has tasked me with identifying employees who can be replaced by our new digital kiosks. Should I object? ... Should I seek out some other alternatives? How can I think about this as a Christian?" - TGC

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Some good thoughts in the article, but some major points are missing. 1) Having a job is not a right. If your skills aren't needed anymore, the company doesn't owe it to you to keep you on the payroll. 2) What's good for people in general vs. for the few here that are going to get fired? Answer: what helps the largest number of people the most is if the companies that provide employment thrive. Within ethical limits, the company should do what helps it provide the best value to consumers and thrive against competitors. Should the "ethical limits" include not replacing humans with tech? Sometimes, yes. In companies where there's a huge and unnecessary salary gap between the lowest workers and the highest level of management, the case can be made for shifting costs around in a way to keep these folks employed: retrain them, or maybe--in the case in the example--keep humans in that role and turn it into a brand distinctive: "We'll never make you talk to a machine" could be a good sales pitch for some markets.

But on the topic of upper management compensation, freedom does mean there's going be competition for the most talented people in those roles, and that competition is going to drive up salaries. So it goes back to the earlier question: what helps employers thrive?

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If one manages employees ...

decisions (even hard ones) have to be made.

Imagine the auto assembly line without robots

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Very good point.  The robot's welds on cars have increased the quality  of motor vehicles immensely. The KIA plant in GA has robots that do all the welds and painting.  I believe Tesla has a huge press to just do two stamps for the base of their cars eliminating many more robots and workers to assemble cars.  The Unions are not happy sometimes. Plus the movement to all electric cars will eliminate jobs to.  Things are quickly changing but also creating new jobs.

The shortages going now has been a boom to car salesman. My friends are making more money now selling cars then they have in a long time.  No more new cars selling for a nickel under invoice.  It's MSRP on all new cars and maybe more. Word to the wise guys if you have a trade check a lot of sources for the value of the trade. 

I have a little bit of advantage in that I buy my KIAs from the guys I used to work with.  I just bought out my 2018 Niro Lease. Typically the vehicle is pretty much worth what lease buy out is which in my case was $15,100.00.  The trade in value in today's crazy market was $24,000.00. The retail value on my Nirro was $27500.00.  Its is really crazy.

Anyone that's wants some inside cues I'll be more than happy to help.  The market price is pretty much set byManheim  Auto Auction. When I was selling I could get direct info but not anymore. I'd still be willing to help anyone with car purchasing advise. I remember when Honda had $2000.00 dollars Dealer Cash on accords so one could sell you an Accord at invoice and make $400.00 commission and most people would never know. That's how Honda sometimes operates.  That's why you always buy the last day of the month in the past market. If the Dealer needs a certain number of units to get like $300 Dealer Cash from the manufacturer per units sold and your unit gets him there you'll get the greatest insane deal you could ever imagine.  In this market it's a moot point when they're only getting 6 to 8 cars a month to sell.  Also any Trucks or Truck based SUV are holding their prices BIG TIME.  A TOYOTA TACOMA 4x4 Double Cab 3 years old and say 40,000 miles probably sells for more than the original MSRP.  

That new Ford Mini Pickup base model is a steal for 20 gs.  They are all double cabs and the base one is a front wheel drive hybrid. If you want a small pickup and don't need AWD that pickup is a steal at that price and it has FWD and gets good gas mileage. The hybrid tech is from Toyota because Ford bought it from them. Highly recommend it.