What Comes after Transgender? Doctor Amputates Man’s Healthy Fingers

“A doctor in Quebec “treated” a BIID [Body Identity Integrity Disorder] patient by amputating two of his healthy fingers. Otherwise, the patient was threatening to mutilate himself” - Humanize


I think it is less strange that a person would want to get rid of a couple digits than to think they are a different gender. I use all my fingers and wouldn't mind having a couple more if I could use them, but if for some reason a couple were not working correctly and were in my way, it would make sense to get them out of the way. That of course would be a different issue than someone wanting to identify as an 8 fingered man instead of a 10 fingered man.

"If thy right hand offend thee..." Oh never mind. Wrong context.

When doctors amputate healthy body parts for mental health reasons, the statute of limitations ought to be about 30 years, the career duration of a typical doctor. When malpractice insurers are faced with long term liability like this, they'll charge appropriate rates or outright refuse to cover that liability.

Doctors can avoid this simply by refusing to amputate healthy body parts.

Regarding this kind of case in particular, I've got relatives who see themselves as transgender, as well as other relatives with serious mental health issues, and something that perplexes me is the question of why it's apparently impossible to simply reassure someone that these body parts are in fact good. Sometimes it seems like like they're not even trying.

Aspiring to be a stick in the mud.

What comes next is race. In fact race is more fluid both genetically and scientifically than gender. Race is not so easy to define consistently. I am surprised that it has not come up yet.

If doctors start to try to redefine race, I guess we all owe a big apology to Rachel Dolezal and Al Jolson.


Seriously, I think the big question is what one would hope to gain by being "transracial". The cynic in me says "affirmative action set-asides".

Aspiring to be a stick in the mud.

As time goes on, it becomes harder to define race. First, we have intermarriages and it is challenging to separate out single races. Second, so much is based on skin color, but that is very challenging. Two dark skin people can have a caucasian skin child. What is African American? I know plenty of people who are caucasian but are native Africans, and other African American's who cannot trace any roots back to Africa. Skin color is a broad spectrum. To be honest, most census data is derived from who the person identifies as, not a set of specific criteria.

Not sure what is gained. But my guess is that it will be next, especially as we define reparations and benefits based on an individuals race.

>>To be honest, most census data is derived from who the person identifies as, not a set of specific criteria.<<

That is one of the reasons that for the last 3 census rounds, I haven’t answered many of the questions. In 2000, I put a “4” in the number of people in the household and sent it back. My wife got a follow-up visit from a census worker who wanted to ask more questions, and she told him that I answered all the questions I was going to. According to my wife, he was angry, but did leave.

Since then, I’ve relaxed a little and filled in ages and genders, though with all the gender craziness now, I might not answer the gender question in 2030 either, though that may make things worse. In 2020 I requested a paper census to avoid the digital form trying to tell me I didn’t fill in enough information.

My registered voter card has shown my race as “X” and my sex as “?” since 1992 when I registered to vote after moving to where I live now. However, the gender nonsense since 2020 has almost made me reconsider that stance on the gender field. My anti-government-tracking side is fighting with the part of me that doesn’t want to give any credence to modern thought on gender.

What all this comes down to is that I don’t want to help the government track me by either gender or “race,” I concept I don’t believe in anyway (and as David said above, is a pretty nebulous concept in any case with all the intermarriage, etc.)

Dave Barnhart