Russian Orthodox Church leader declares Ukraine invasion a ‘holy war'

“The World Russian People’s Council, led by Russian Orthodox Church Patriarch Kirill… frames the war as a key moment in Russia’s battle against the ‘criminal Kiev regime’ and Western ‘Satanism,’ calling it a ‘special mlitary operation.’” - CPost


Patriarch Kirill of the KGB (he served them when younger in Switzerland) needs to be asked precisely which god he's serving by endorsing the unprovoked invasion of another country, with most of the long range artillery directed at civilian targets, especially children. Maybe remind him of Augustine and suggest he stop worshipping Moloch.

Ugly reality is that as the entire realm of Russian atrocities in this war becomes known, Kyrill is discrediting the Russian Orthodox Church in the eyes of any morally sane person for generations. It is going to leave a mark.

Aspiring to be a stick in the mud.