How Russian Christians View the ‘Special Military Operation’ in Ukraine

"Torn between 'pro-Putin' and 'pro-prayer,' only a minority have spoken out publicly against the invasion. Ukrainian seminary leaders call for repentance." - C.Today

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I'm told that thousands of dissidents are in jail right now in Russia, put there by President Brezhnev Putin.  Speaking out against the government takes a deal of bravery there.  I'd like to think that if I were Russian, I'd be saying "look at the pictures--what could men in that apartment building/school/hospital have done to Russian soldiers ten miles away?  This is clearly a war crime.".  That said, I don't know.

Nowhere near as much bravery as the men with the blue & yellow patch in the Donbass, mind you, but a degree or bravery nonetheless.  Putin delenda est!

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