Is God Good All the Time?

“When a believer in Christ suffers affliction, be it discouragement, hurt, confusion, or even possible imprisonment and death, it’s tempting to doubt God’s goodness.” - Reasons


As someone who has gone through deep suffering over the last year, this is what I preach to myself daily every morning. Many times in our suffering we do not see that God is good. And like the respondent states, that is okay. Our suffering wouldn't be suffering if it didn't take us to the pit of darkness. But we can have the hope that God is good.

When I talk to others that suffer, I typically will point to one area in Scripture. And it is the same area that we point to practically on everything. And that is the cross. In that moment, you have all of suffering captured. Christ is on the cross suffering a great physical and spiritual agony. So much so, that he cries out to His Father asking why He was forsaken. That is not a cry from someone who is seeing "good" in the situation. You have his mother at the foot of the cross in utter agony as she watches her son tormented and die in front of her eyes. His followers who gave up everything over the last 3 years are suffering and in despair as to what to do next, now that their leader is gone. They only see darkness. You can go on and on, and the entirety of suffering is captured in this one moment. And yet! God is good. In this moment of greatest suffering, God is working the greatest good that He has ever worked. The redemption of man. God wields suffering to do His good work. If God is able to do good at this level of suffering, He is good in my situation. If I can hold to the cross for my salvation, I can hold onto the hope that God is good. I cannot hold to the cross for my salvation, yet ignore the goodness of God in suffering. They are one in the same and inextricably linked. And so those of us who must carry suffering throughout our lives, can have heart and can preach to ourselves every morning when we rise, that God is good.