What Is the Spectrum of Major Views on Political Theology? A Proposed Taxonomy of Seven Views on Religion and Government

“(1) I start by briefly defining religion, politics, and political theology; (2) then I propose seven views on religion and government; (3) and I conclude with seven reflections.” - Andy Naselli


This was helpful. I can’t imagine the representatives of the various groups disagreeing with Naselli’s descriptions.

Political philosophy isn't my primary area, but there is too much left out of this taxonomy. For example, distinct political models (monarchy, oligarchy democratic, etc.), aren't noted but they should be.

I think that even within those categories they would fall somewhere. For instance you could have a democracy in almost all of those categories.

No, pure democracy is inconsistent with 6, and probably 1.

Pure monarchy is consistent with only 1 or 7. (Note that Feudal Monarchy's in practice are a fusion of Monarchy and Oligarchy).

6 is only compatible with pure theocracy.

Most systems are conflations,which is interesting in light of Aristotle.

You know, as an afterthought, this is a category error, this isn't a question of political theology buy of political philosophy (and Christan philosophers rather than theologians should be the key thinkers we should be reading).

I liked how he framed things. I believe it is helpful. I fall into category 4, but feel much more comfortable voting for someone who falls into category 5 than someone who falls into category 1. I think that is why I have a bit of a conflict with some of the people who like to post a lot about politics here on SI.