Political Theology

“The Christian Church in America has seen a renewed interest in modified versions of theonomy”

"Theonomy is utterly dependent upon the embrace of a postmillennialism that inevitably demands the implementation of a Christian theistic ethic into the fabric of every society. This makes nearly every form of theonomy a present non-reality that is dependent on a misconstrued eschatological hope." - Nicholas Batzig

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Identity or Influence? A Protestant Response to Jonathan Leeman

"Like Leeman, I’m not beholden to the 'Christian nationalism' label....I more frequently talk in the language of historic Protestant political thought. And it’s on that basis that I’d like to offer a few critiques of Leeman’s position." - 9 Marks

(Filing on Leeman's article here)

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Can There Be a “Christian City?” Reflections on Doug Wilson and Moscow, Idaho

“I would recommend that Wilson read two books: Augustine’s ‘The City of God’ and Greg Boyd’s ‘The Myth of a Christian Nation.’ According to BOTH, before the return of Christ there can be no ‘City of God’ or “Christian Nation.” - Roger Olson

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