How significantly have ecological or environmental factors contributed to the huge increase in LGBTQ numbers?

Dr. Leonard Saxe and others have written about how environmental estrogens are messing with gender among fish and wildlife in general. We have female fish with male parts and vice-versa, for example. Even population declines are best explained (in some nations) as a result of lower sperm counts, lower testosterone numbers, etc.

Here is one secular article that discusses this:…


Gog and Magog

Gog and Magog: do you know what modern nations would correspond to this? Or are they symbolical? Or nations we cannot identify? Perhaps Ezekiel refers to literal nations, while Revelation’s use of those terms is symbolical of nations rebelling against God? Here are the texts, your comments are welcome.


Are Departures from the United Methodist denomination in the USA nearly over?

In the vicinity of Kokomo, Indiana, several former United Methodist churches are now “community churches” or members of the Global Methodists. We recently read of a number of Florida churches leaving the denomination.

So are these done? What percentage do current United Methodists retain compared to what they had a few years ago? Do you have an idea/projection as to where this is all going.


How would you describe your view about forgiveness between people?

Forgiveness is a broad subject with a lot of variables. Our poll is about a general perspective. It always “depends.”

Everyone agrees that we forgive as God forgives. But does God forgive us if we do not repent (or confess our sins)? Thus forgiveness is conditional or all would be saved.

Others argue that Christ’s words, “Father, forgive them for they know not what they do” teaches unconditional forgiveness.


Will the war in Ukraine last for another year or more?

I personally think the U.S. is right to support Ukraine against Russian aggression. A number of presidential candidates don’t want to support Ukraine.

What is your best guess as to what will happen. I know, “It depends.” But our answer to most things depends upon variables. The question is not what you know will happen, but what do you think is most likely. Comments are welcome.


Is the age of the western missionary "on the field" ending?

Western participation in foreign missions is changing as more and more nationals take the helm, often supervised and supported by western missionaries who do not necessarily remain on the field. With computers and the internet, limited access to certain nations, and missions that help train nationals, we are living in changing times. But will we still see many missionaries from the west on the field, in addition to these new innovations? What is your opinion and/or experience?


Are few good churches demanding pastors with accredited (in-person) Bible College/Seminary degrees?

It seems more and more pastors in our area have no professional training. Some are high school grads who can speak well and know their Bibles. Mega-churches often train their own staffs perhaps in conjunction with online classes.

Is this trend increasing, especially with the pastor shortage (if you believe it exists, as I do) in conservative churches? Please comment to add depth to the poll, if you wish.


Are Conservative Evangelical and Fundamental churches too driven?

Are conservative, Bible-oriented churches too driven (by and large), in your opinion. Or is the problem occasional here and there. Or is it a problem?

If you want an example of what I mean by “driven,” think of Amway or some other agency that depends upon motivational techniques and pressure.