The finest copy of a genuine 1611 KJV Bible anywhere in the world auctioned off last week

Ryrie's "Wycliffe Bible sold for $1.4 million, which was way over the anticipated price. The KJV sold way under its expectations—only $320,000. The Greek New Testament manuscripts were auctioned for $140,000 to $250,000." DB Wallace

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There is much speculation as to the identity of the new owners of Dr. Ryrie's collection (the auction did not reveal the bidders). Hopefully much of it was purchased by The Green Collection, scheduled to open the Bible Museum in DC next year.

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I am curious as to how Ryrie was able to procure multi-millions of dollars worth of Bibles.  That is quite a feat.

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Dr. Ryrie probably used royalties from his books, particularly his study Bible. I imagine he bought them when the prices were much lower. The key is to buy when no one is interested. I've bought several books over the years that now are difficult to find at good prices. For example, I collect pre-1900 editions of Broadus' Preparation and Delivery of Sermons. My oldest is a 2nd printing (1871) of the 1st edition. Today, finding early editions is almost impossible.

I wonder if anyone is working on a biography of him - would be interesting to read.

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