Grove City College Condemns ‘Alleged Drift into CRT Advocacy’

“A new report from the Christian school says Jemar Tisby’s chapel talk was a ‘mistake’ and critiques diversity teachings in an elective class and in resident assistant trainings.” - C.Today

Also, RNS: Grove City College rejects ‘wokeness,’ CRT in new report


One problem which Christian colleges increasingly encounter is the generational tension between administration and students. Attempting to increase enrollment and keep the school viable, Christian schools make what they consider “small” changes to policies: dress standards, music, support groups, etc. while insisting nothing has changed. Yet evidence of significant change shows up in campus speakers, student projects, and inconsistency in enforcing the student handbook. The fact that situations like this occur at schools like Grove City show that significant tension exists “under the surface”. The more loudly a Christian school insists that nothing has changed shows that much has changed.

Wally Morris
Huntington, IN