Racial Discrimination Is Not the Path to Racial Justice: Why Harvard Is Wrong

Today, "the Supreme Court will hear oral arguments in the most important case of this term, a case which is arguably among the most important of this new century. It will decide whether schools can continue to discriminate on the basis of race in college admissions." - David French

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No, Illinois High Schools Are Not Implementing a ‘Race-Based’ Grading System

"The new grading practices are designed to help students struggling with difficult home situations but, according to an official statement, 'OPRFHS does not, nor has it ever had a plan to, grade any students differently based on race.'" - Relevant

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We Need a Better Approach to Race Conversations

"As a black pastor trained in a conservative evangelical school, I have been grieved to watch my white fellow pastors debate each other and divide over racial issues....Into this fray enters George Yancey with his new book, Beyond Racial Division: A Unifying Alternative to Colorblindness and Antiracism." - TGC

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Grove City College Condemns ‘Alleged Drift into CRT Advocacy’

"A new report from the Christian school says Jemar Tisby's chapel talk was a 'mistake' and critiques diversity teachings in an elective class and in resident assistant trainings." - C.Today

Also, RNS: Grove City College rejects ‘wokeness,’ CRT in new report

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