Critical Race Theory

We Need a Better Approach to Race Conversations

"As a black pastor trained in a conservative evangelical school, I have been grieved to watch my white fellow pastors debate each other and divide over racial issues....Into this fray enters George Yancey with his new book, Beyond Racial Division: A Unifying Alternative to Colorblindness and Antiracism." - TGC

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Grove City College Condemns ‘Alleged Drift into CRT Advocacy’

"A new report from the Christian school says Jemar Tisby's chapel talk was a 'mistake' and critiques diversity teachings in an elective class and in resident assistant trainings." - C.Today

Also, RNS: Grove City College rejects ‘wokeness,’ CRT in new report

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Grove City College caught in crossfire of evangelical CRT battles

"On Feb. 16, the college’s board of trustees stated that it 'categorically rejects Critical Race Theory and similar ‘critical’ schools of thought as antithetical to GCC’s mission and values.' This week, in response, a petition from Grove City alumni, parents and students asked the school not to inhibit discussions about race and racism on campus." - RNS

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G3 Ministries President’s Church Leaves SBC Citing “leftward movement”

"In explaining the reason for Pray’s Mill Baptist Church’s departure from the SBC, Buice cited a 'devious deconstruction plan' that some leaders have been working behind the scenes to accomplish. Recent scandals, controversies, and divisions led to the decision to break away from the 176-year-old denomination." - C.Leaders

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The Salvation Army Denies ‘Going Woke’ After Getting Slammed for Racism Guide

“They have claimed that we believe our donors should apologize for their skin color, that The Salvation Army believes America is an inherently racist society, and that we have abandoned our Christian faith for one ideology or another. Those claims are simply false, and they distort the very goal of our work.” - C.Leaders

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