Are the Five "Solas" Still Important for the Church Today?

"They are particularly significant today because even professing evangelicals, to say nothing of the culture around us, are being tempted to abandon the gospel. Therefore, the church must recognize the dire need of not only defending the five solas but also celebrating them." - Ligonier

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All these centuries after the Reformation started, almost every denomination or association has a lot of culture that they need to deal with, and a key way that can be done is to appeal to the Solas.  They are a beautiful shorthand that helps us correct our errors and come back to Christ.

Aspiring to be a stick in the mud.

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A Baptist church near my home ... 

Website states they are against all the tenets of Calvinism with link to article from Ambassador Baptist College.

Link is now dead on their site.

I can't find the article now but it was by Ron Comfort - "The Fruits of Calvinism"

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"Tenets" is misspelled as "tenants"

From MW

Tenets vs. Tenants

Thanks to its confusingly similar pronunciation, tenant (“occupant, land-holder”) is sometimes erroneously used in place of tenet (“principle, doctrine”). Consider this example:

One of the ancient tenants of the Buddist [sic] belief is, “He who sits still, wins” –Police, January/February 1968

You will probably never make the opposite mistake (that is, substitute tenet for tenant), but if you think you might, remember that tenant and occupant both end in -ant.



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Craig Toliver wrote:

"Tenets" is misspelled as "tenants"

I'm with you there! My all time TOP pet peeve! Drives me nuts (not a long trip).

Don Johnson
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