Doctrinal Teaching

4 Most Common Comments From “Regular People” About Studying Theology

"In the summer of 2020, I led an online theology class for people in the church I pastor. I was blown away that over 1000 people engaged in the class, asked thoughtful questions, and walked through the material each week." - Eric Geiger

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Are the Five "Solas" Still Important for the Church Today?

"They are particularly significant today because even professing evangelicals, to say nothing of the culture around us, are being tempted to abandon the gospel. Therefore, the church must recognize the dire need of not only defending the five solas but also celebrating them." - Ligonier

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Three Things that Need to Change About Church

"I doubt that many of my friends who have no religious affiliation could tell you concisely what it is they don’t believe. The time has come for ministers to stop assuming that people–even the ones already in the pews–have a good understanding of what the Gospel is and what the Christian faith teaches." - Conciliar Post

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We need more sound biblical doctrine taught in the American Church

"We’ve all heard and seen the numbers that show how biblically illiterate Christians are in America..... Why are over 90% of Christians unfamiliar with the Bible and incapable of articulating the doctrines of the Christian faith?" - Jason Jimenez

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The Dog Ate My Doctrine: Leaving No Place in Our Pews for Theological Laziness

"The latest research reveals several doctrines evangelicals get wrong including the alarming fact that nearly two-thirds of respondents (65%) say Jesus is the first and greatest being created by God....some churchgoers are either misinformed or lazy when it comes to their theology—being easily swayed from sound doctrine by doctrine that only sounds correct." - F&T

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