A dangerous craze: Parents and experts speak up about transgenderism’s effect on children

"A billboard at a prominent Los Angeles intersection states, 'Your child is learning about gender identity in school. Puberty is not a medical condition.' It encourages parents to read Abigail Shrier’s recent book, Irreversible Damage: How the Transgender Craze is Seducing Our Daughters." - WORLD

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....is to look quizzically at other adults and ask them "You'd let the 'doctors' do WHAT to your own child?"

One thing which gives me pause is the notion that transgenderism is some kind of "craze".  Perhaps it could be, in the same way that suicide is said to have become fashionable after Goethe published Die Leiden des Jungen Werthers, but my first guess is that these days, "I was born the wrong gender" seems to be as reasonable an explanation as any for why life is so messed up for so many.  You don't teach kids to think or process evidence, you put them in a world where down is up and so on, and you end up with them wondering even more basic things.

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