"The ban on so-called conversion therapy is really a ban on all talk therapy that doesn’t affirm self-diagnosed gender dysphoria"

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"Thus the classic test of a Christian’s faith was to force him or her, on pain of death, to swear by the emperor and offer incense to his images, or to sacrifice to the gods.

In the mid-second-century account of the martyrdom of Polycarp, officials begged Polycarp to say ‘Caesar is Lord’, and to offer incense, to save his life."  BBC History

Nothing really changes, only the "_________ is Lord" part.  Not Caesar, per se, any more, but fill in the blank with "science", "psychology", 'political correctness" or whatever appropriate label and we're not far from Polycarp or a myriad other Roman era Christians.  

The Roman empire was very tolerant. "We don't care what you believe as long as you believe 'Caesar is Lord'"!

Our society is increasingly as tolerant.  "We don't care what you believe as long as you believe the gurus of science, psycho-medicine, media, PC, or what-have-you is actually Lord."

Even so, come Lord Jesus!"


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I'm going to assume that Heyer's testimony is correct--certainly the testimony of the former Johns Hopkins psychiatrist who ended that institution's gender transition group when it became apparent that it wasn't helping would back Heyer up--but there is something of a "Catch 22" for those afflicted.  To get help, they've got to stand up and be counted--but if they do, all H*** breaks loose on them from those who simply won't hear the story.  One almost wonders if there ought to be an "Underground Railroad" of mental health providers who would be willing to give the therapy they desperately need.  

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