Why Humility and Submission Are Especially Important for Churches on Lockdown

"In hindsight, our governor appears to have been absolutely right. I will be eternally grateful that we did not have public church services on March 15. No one knows for sure what might have happened, but reviewing what tragically occurred at the IHSAA basketball sectional at Lawrence Central in Indianapolis the previous weekend might contain sobering clues." - GARBC

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The pastor appears to be contradicting himself here:

Nor is anyone faulting the school officials who made the best decision they could with the information they had at the time. However, I believe strongly that the exact same thing could have occurred at Faith Church on Sunday, March 15. And, I would have borne some responsibility for that failure.

If the school officials aren't to be blamed for going ahead with the tournament, why should the pastor bear responsibility for potential illnesses that may or may not have occurred had he hosted a service Mar 15?