Why Churches Should Care Deeply about the SCOTUS Abortion Case

"No matter whom God ordains to function as America’s elected representatives, Christians’ mission remains the same: to make disciples. Based on Biblical principles, we submit to, respect, and pray for God-ordained authorities .... Our purpose is, therefore, to address all issues by how they affect churches" - Mike Hess

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GARBC has updated its purpose statement and article of faith on creation and gender

"During the business meeting on Monday, voting messengers approved an update to the GARBC’s official Purpose Statement. ...The messengers also approved an expansion to the association’s official doctrinal position on Creation (Article of Faith V) to address the issue of human gender more explicitly." - GARBC

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Why Humility and Submission Are Especially Important for Churches on Lockdown

"In hindsight, our governor appears to have been absolutely right. I will be eternally grateful that we did not have public church services on March 15. No one knows for sure what might have happened, but reviewing what tragically occurred at the IHSAA basketball sectional at Lawrence Central in Indianapolis the previous weekend might contain sobering clues." - GARBC

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