Britain May Ban Transgender Treatments for Children to Guard Them from 'Irreversible' Harm

"James Kirkup... noted puberty-blocking medications taken by children might reduce fertility in adulthood. He also repeated a truism among supporters of Truss: 'A transgender child is like a vegetarian cat. You know who’s really making the decisions.'" - Christian Headlines

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It's good to see someone standing up to be heard here, but it strikes me that as this fight continues, all H*** is going to break loose, as advocates are not going to take lightly the notion that kids are not indeed capable of making life changing decisions like this.  We need to pray for sanity to prevail (or take control back, really) in cases like this.

Point of reference; a while back, I believe SI linked an article where a trans advocate was interviewing a young lady who'd been on the puberty blocking and testosterone drugs, but who had decided that she did not actually want to transition.  She was in her twenties, and the testosterone had deepened her voice noticeably--who knows what other effects were there?  I'm not terribly keen on adults doing this, but if kids aren't allowed to enter into debt, marriage, or the military because of immaturity, we're allowing them to postpone (or stop) their physical development...why?

Another point of reference; there is precisely one long term study of transsexuals and the operation's effects on their health, and the sole measure of improved health is a study from Sweden which indicates that the likelihood of seeking mental health services goes down modestly after over a decade post-transition surgery.  We're not talking night and day differences in suicide rates and the like.

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Love the quote about the vegetarian cat.  Very true. 


“Former transgender activist Walt Heyer, 78, had sex change surgery in 1983 and lived as a woman for eight years before he became a Christian and accepted his biological sex. He released ‘Trans Life Survivors’ in October, a book of stories from dozens of individuals who regret their decision to undergo sex change surgery. The book tells 30 stories, but Heyer said hundreds contacted him and said they wished they hadn't identified as transgender.”

David R. Brumbelow

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The example of Walt Heyer's book illustrates something that would be wonderful to have a bit more statistical data on; what is the preponderance of people who regret various degrees of transitioning?  Sad to say, if the ~40% suicide attempt rate among the transgender is actually true, we might infer that a lot of our data points are no longer able to speak for themselves.

But to start, the Washington Post suggests 100-500 full transition surgeries per year in the U.S., and if people live an average of 30 years afterwards, that suggests maybe 3000-15000 people have gone through the surgery.  So if Heyer has 30 clear stories and hundreds of other claims, that's an interesting sample size that suggests we ought to look further; one guy is suggesting he knows a couple of percent of those who regret this.

No matter where the data go, the Swedish study suggests about 35% in mental health care, and if suicidal ideation is an indication, we can do a lot better caring for people with gender dysphoria. 

Aspiring to be a stick in the mud.