World Cup Update: The Wrapup

Believers at 2006 Fifa World Cup Germany™ hit the streets with the Gospel

World Cup is down to the last two teams from a field of 32. Germany still has a festive spirit but not like it was before its team’s loss. The Germany flags, once ubiquitous, are not so often seen anymore. The Medals for Glory team members are also back home. Four of the churches involved had visitors come to their worship services as an immediate result of the evangelism done during five weeks. About 40,000 tracts were distributed. In Erlangen and Nuremburg, 600 copies of the Jesus Film were given out. In all of Germany during the past five weeks, over 200,000 people, coming from many countries, received a copy of the Jesus Film. Many, from countries where evangelism is prohibited, have already sent special thanks to the producers for getting the film to them in Germany so they could finally learn the story of Jesus and how to believe. We are thankful to have been able to be a small part of this effort.
Closer to home, teams did street-witnessing in their own areas. One young woman who was given a tract by one of the Maranatha soccer team members did not want it and gave it to her boyfriend. Her boyfriend has since been to see the pastor of the church in Ingolstadt to talk to him about the Lord. Members of one team that played the Northland men but did not themselves make it to the game asked if they also could have a copy of the Jesus Film like the rest of their teammates. At the mission church in Berlin, 10 new visitors came to their meetings as a result of the Medals for Glory effort. That was quite a boost for this church, which had been struggling for a while. In Erlangen, over 200 people had the Gospel explained to them in the form of “God’s Bridge To Eternal Life” Gospel tract. These conversations ranged from 15 minutes to over an hour. The Medals for Glory team members were enthused to see how ready people were both to discuss spiritual matters and to talk in English. Responses ranged from, “I can know that I am going to heaven? That would be wonderful. Can you explain that to me?” to “I know I need to decide for Christ. Can I take this home with me and read it through one more time?” to “I have never heard this before. Thank you so much for explaining it to me.” to “This is good for you, but I want to believe my own way.” to “What you say is just too simple. I can’t believe it is so simple.” Without question, they got the message.

No question about it, the Medals for Glory ministry has been lots of work and has had a significant impact in five areas of Germany as well as in other parts of the world where World Cup visitors have taken the message of the Gospel back home with them. We expect to see more fruit from this ministry here in Germany in the future. The ministry has likewise impacted the participants, who repeatedly said, “I want to take what I learned here about sharing the Gospel back with me to my country and to practice it there.” For all those who prayed, be assured that is why so much happened here.

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