World Cup Update: Bold with the Gospel

Maranatha Women lost to Erlangen University Women, 3-1. U Erlangen Women Have been the European Women's Champions the past two years.

Believers at 2006 Fifa World Cup Germany™ hit the streets with the Gospel

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“You mean you bought plane tickets to come here just to share your faith with people like me? This I have to hear about!” So began a conversation about Christ that Adam Steen and Andrew Solarek had with a member of the university team they had played. The conversation was one of several that evening that lasted a few hours. “Man, that was fantastic!” said the guys.

The Maranatha men’s soccer team had several similar opportunities to share their faith. During the same week, they held a soccer clinic for children and teens. More than 50 participants came. Through both the clinics and the games, six people attended the Independent Baptist Church in Ingolstadt for the first time.

Berlin is completely taken up with World Cup. Five Medals for Glory team members, together with Tim and Shelli Brudtkuhl, took advantage of the situation by passing out 3,000 tracts last weekend. They also shared the Gospel numerous times in conversations with individuals. One member summed it up well. “These people have come to Berlin for soccer, but we want them to return with Jesus.”

Sharing the Gospel in ErlangenIn Bad Heilbrunn, the Pillsbury soccer team distributed 13,000 tracts and played two soccer matches, after which they shared their faith with players on the opposing team. They also held two book tables during World Cup matches in Munich. During those two days, they were personally able to present the Gospel to many.

In the past nine days, the Maranatha women’s team, together with members of the Independent Church of Erlangen, interviewed 400 people, finding out what they believed about Christ. They personally shared the Gospel with more than 120 and passed out thousands of tracts. Lasting contacts were made both with team members and with the church.

Lisa: “It was amazing to see how open people were and how easy it was to share the Gospel.” Even in Fussball-festive downtown Nuremburg, we were able to share the Gospel with many people before the game.

Julie: “I gained a good perspective on how much this wonderful country really needs the Gospel. During all my interviews, not one person said to me, ‘I have Christ as my Savior,’ or ‘I believe the Bible.’”

At this point, there have been no reported professions of faith in Christ from our efforts. But as much seed has been sown in two weeks as the churches normally sows in six months to a year. The people of our churches were likewise motivated to be bold with the Gospel in a way they have not been previously.

Coach Caucutt aims oneWe are at the halfway point.

“Germany–a trip of a lifetime. I am just enjoying all of the blessings and opportunities that have happened. The people of the church that we are working with are great and have been a wonderful blessing the whole time that we have been here. The street witnessing is such an awesome privilege. It helps me grow and stretches me spiritually. I am so thankful to have had this opportunity and privilege to serve with the missionaries and Germans here.” –Sommer Rodolph

“The Lord is truly working in Germany! I count it a privilege to be here and to be used of the Lord in ways I didn’t think possible. He has been giving me boldness to share my faith to others that I didn’t have before. The first game that we played on Monday was a lot of fun! Of course, we won, which made it even better! But the amazing part is what happened after the game. We got to spent time with the ladies team that we had just played. I was able to give the Gospel through my own testimony to three girls! I am praying that seeds were planted in these girls’ hearts and that soon they will come to a saving knowledge of Christ.” –Hayley McGrail

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