World Cup Update: Great Opportunities

Believers at 2006 Fifa World Cup Germany™ hit the streets with the Gospel

The Northland Baptist Bible College men are one won, one tied. They have had many chances to share their faith. Typical of these opportunities was time spent street witnessing in Nuremberg. The day began with rain, but cleared off in time for us to carry out evangelism. “Man, I had a great opportunity!” said Jeff, “I just talked to a university student about the Lord for 45 minutes. He wasn’t ready to accept Christ, but he was willing to take the information with him and think over the claims of the Gospel.” Most reported similar conversations.
On that same day the Northland men played another soccer game. At supper after the game they exchanged ideas about different customs of Germany and the US with the men of the opposing team. They also shared their faith. The gathering ended with Christian songs from the Northland soccer players, a simple explanation of the Gospel and a challenge to the visitors turn to Christ. It was all well received. The Medals for Glory team is hoping many will accept the invitation to attend their last church service in Erlangen.

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