World Cup Update: Street Witnessing and Canvassing

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Believers at 2006 Fifa World Cup Germany™ hit the streets with the Gospel

The Maranatha soccer girls are 1-1. They have made many new friends and have shared their faith on many occasions. They also gave each opponent a T-shirt and a copy of the Jesus film after the game. On Tuesday, June 6, the Maranatha soccer girls teamed up with members of the Independent Baptist Church of Erlangen, Germany, in 12 teams for two hours. In that time, they made 21 complete presentations of the Gospel and shared several hundred tracts. On Wednesday, the same 12 teams were out one hour, making nine complete presentations. Three different people in the two days said, “I know I need to make this decision about faith in Christ. Let me take the literature home with me and read it through one more time.”

After The GameThe Pillsbury guys’ team is 1-0. After the game, they gave a T-shirt and a New Testament to each opponent. During the week, they have canvassed many houses in the church area with Gospel literature. They likewise held a booktable in Munich on Wednesday.

“Working side by side with the Erlangen believers through street witnessing is beginning to reveal to me the intense need for God’s Word. I daily count it a privilege to be here in Germany, playing soccer and witnessing for Christ. Through the experiences gathered from this trip, I know that the team will not only draw closer to each other but also draw closer to God and hopefully attain spiritual boldness that will last for a lifetime.”
—Abby Kalscheur

“I have been amazed by how God has worked specifically. He answers prayers and opens doors and gives the exact words needed on the streets and after games. After our soccer games, we have had many conversations that have gone right to spiritual things, and God has shown His control over and over. Even in everyday things, people have been given the Gospel! Wow.”
—Jen Adam

“This whole ministry has truly been a cooperative effort between the Maranatha team and the church in Erlangen.”

—Dave Adams

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