The Pastor and Difficult Bioethical Decision Making

"Some days, pastoring is more difficult than others. Imagine you’re in your office and a couple from your church asks you what they should do about another couple in the church who have asked them to preemptively adopt any extra embryos that will soon be made through a round of in vitro fertilization." - 9 Marks

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Southern Baptist agency warns ‘eugenics is real’ in Supreme Court brief about Down syndrome and abortion

"The SBC Ethics and Religious Commission filed a legal document Nov. 15 asking the [U.S. Supreme Court] not only to uphold a 2016 Indiana law criminalizing abortions performed for reasons of race, sex selection or 'diagnosis of Down syndrome or any other disability,' but to accept the case as an opportunity to overturn Roe v. Wade." - BNG News

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Gene Engineered Babies: ‘Shoot First, Ask Questions Later’ Science

"[H]ow did this unethical experiment happen? We generally permit “the scientists” in this sector to self-regulate through voluntary guidelines. We also smile at researchers treating nascent human life like potter’s clay–objects not subjects–as if that were of only passing moral concern." - National Review

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