The Pro-Life Movement Must Transcend Politics

"I can still hear that wondrous noise—the unmistakable high-pitched sound of our daughter Camille’s heart beating fast and strong. Words can’t describe our relief and delight. Even though I was a pro-life lawyer and activist, politics was the furthest thing from my mind. I couldn’t think. I could only feel joy." - David French

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“People are so quick to pull that religious liberty card”

"Evangelical ethicists and legal scholars agree that many followers of Christ object to the COVID-19 vaccines, but they’re split on whether any of the objections commonly articulated among believers constitute religious objections. The distinction between religious liberty objections and more general objections could become a key issue as more businesses require employees to be vaccinated." - BPNews

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On Vaccine Hesitancy

"If there are to be tradeoffs, isn’t it morally better, at least from Luther’s neighbor-centered ethic, for you to die than for you to cause someone else to die?  The worldview I am hearing, even from Christians, seems more libertarian–Ayn Rand, who has a big following among secularist conservatives, scorned the obligation to do things for others rather than for yourself–than Christian." - Gene Veith

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