How Every State Pro-Life Law Handles Ectopic Pregnancy and Miscarriage

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Is not listed in the article and is somewhat famous recently for the Republican Attorney General stating that the law of the state does not specifically mention ectopic pregnancy, but that AG's would not prosecute one being treated... yeah right, says him. The doctor's of this state need better protection to treat situations like this post Roe v Wade.

Consider this,  there is a Texas woman who at 18 weeks lost all her amniotic fluid. She is at risk for severe infection but can't get an abortion because the baby is still alive. She has been hospitalized for weeks. They are trying to get her to make it to 24 weeks at a minimum, but even at 24 weeks the baby will be severely pre-term.

The point is many states need to clean up their laws in this area post Roe v Wade and show some common sense, compassion, understanding, and reasonableness.

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I used to be what I will call "naively" pro-life. Then a few years ago I started researching all the things that can go wrong in pregnancies. While most of them are rare, there does need to be a reasonable way to handle them other than the broad label "life of the mother". The problem is one doctor thinks some situation is not a threat, but others do. This causes doctors to hesitate at the cost of the mother. While Roe v Wade was in effect this was no issue, but now that it is gone, the Legislatures need to make addressing these rare, serious, and tragic situations a priority.