Is Pro-Life only about abortion?

"We are told that being pro-life requires us to adopt very particular views on contestable issues like environmental, criminal justice, social welfare or immigration policies. This argument often fails at a basic logical level, but worse, it often neuters the moral case against abortion and is used by enemies of the church to prove the church’s purported hypocrisy." - American Reformer

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Men Play Significant Role in Decisions Surrounding Unplanned Pregnancies

"Men are most likely to say they were the most influential person in their partner’s decision to have an abortion. ...(38%) say they had the most influence. Fewer point to a medical professional (18%), the woman’s mother (14%), her friends (7%), an abortion provider (4%)" - LifeWay

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An Immoral Proposal: A Case Against Embryonic Stem Cell Research (Part 4)

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Wakeup call

We need to wake up to the reality of what’s going on in our country! About seven years ago (2001) Johnny Farese, a quadriplegic brother who forwards prayer letters to churches, sent an email that begins with these frightening words:

Did you know that since the United States of America legalized abortion, that 750,000,000 children have been murdered through this means? This number far exceeds those who have been killed in all the wars of mankind since Adam.

I have had some difficulty confirming those statistics on the internet. Most statistics I’ve seen place the amount somewhere around 50 million since 1973. But that’s still a huge loss of human life! Abortion was only legalized 34 years ago. Millions of innocent human beings murdered in such a short period of time. Doesn’t that remind you of what we read in Genesis 6:11: “and the earth was filled with violence”? And we haven’t seen anything yet! With the push for embryonic stem cell research, we can be sure that the violence is only going to increase!

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