Focus on the Family to Show Live Third-Trimester Ultrasounds in Time Square

Focus on the Family "is holding a live ultrasound viewing in response to New York’s new Reproductive Health Act and the proposed abortion bill in Virginia that would have allowed women to have an abortion while in labor." - Christian Headlines

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South Carolina lawmakers introduce bills to ban abortion

"Two Personhood Acts were introduced in the South Carolina legislature this week that would criminalize receiving or performing an abortion. State Senator Richard Cash introduced the bill in the Senate on Wednesday, and State Representative Josiah Magnuson introduced a similar bill on Thursday." - Jurist

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The Down Syndrome Community Is Being Targeted For Death Before They Are Even Born

"The weighted mean termination rate was 67% (range: 61%-93%) among seven population-based studies, 85% (range: 60%-90%) among nine hospital-based studies, and 50% (range: 0%-100%) among eight anomaly-based studies." - Daily Wire

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Please Stop Killing Undocumented Infants Who Are Just Trying To Cross The Border Of The Birth Canal

"Planned Parenthood even says that the undocumented 'have the right to live.' I totally agree with this sentiment. All people have the right to live. ....But there is, you might say, a different southern border that is quite often protected by violent means." - Matt Walsh

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