California judge overturns physician aid-in-dying law

"Judge Daniel Ottolia, of Riverside County Superior Court, ruled against California's End of Life Option Act on Tuesday, which allowed physicians to prescribe life-ending drugs to terminally ill patients. The suit was brought by the Life Legal Defense Foundation, a Christian legal organization that opposes abortion and assisted suicide." Jurist

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Alfie Evans' case shows that basic English rights are at risk

"Everyone knows that resources are finite and demands can be great, and times may come when providers may feel that time and money spent in prolonging life in hard cases may be spent better in helping somebody else. This wasn’t the case with the two children now dead in England, whose parents were stopped, not from trying to draw upon government funds, but from trying to use their own money to help them." W.Examiner

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Missouri House approves bill banning abortion 20 weeks after fertilization

"House Bill 1266, known as the 'Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act,' was sponsored by Republican House Member Donna Lichtenegger. The legislation includes language defining the pain capable gestational age as ... 20 weeks following fertilization." Jurist

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