Planned Parenthood

God's Not Dead, I Can Only Imagine Crews Team Up for Movie about Former Planned Parenthood Employee

"Kathryn Jean Lopez for the National Review got an early viewing of the film ... 'I saw @UnplannedMovietonight. It’s a tremendous light. It’s @AbbyJohnson’s story of leaving Planned Parenthood but it is so much more because her story is so much more.'" - C.Headlines

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Court affirms media was wrong: Those videos of Planned Parenthood dealing in baby parts were not deceptively edited

"The ruling shatters the claim that the tapes, which feature Planned Parenthood associates discussing the processes by which organs from the remains of aborted children can be harvested ... were selectively edited. It also affirms that Planned Parenthood associates did indeed circumvent legal and ethical guidelines in pursuit of harvesting human organs" - W. Examiner

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Pro-life lessons from Cecile Richards’ postmodern tenure at Planned Parenthood

"When Cecile Richards stepped down as president of Planned Parenthood last week, glowing profiles celebrated her leadership of the nation’s largest facilitator of abortions. But Richards’ legacy is dark. Nearly 4 million unborn children died in Planned Parenthood centers during her 12-year tenure." WORLD

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