Passed $1.3T bill passes $500M to fund abortions

Jim Sedlak of the American Life League: “It means that the government – which was elected in 2016 on the pretense that it would stop the funding of Planned Parenthood – simply has not taken money away from them ....They are going to give them another half a billion dollars in 2018.” OneNewsNow

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Technically, it's not money for abortions directly, but rather for other services.  The rub is that you simply can't get enough "business" to keep an abortuary solvent through abortion alone, and a lot of hospitals won't grant admitting privileges to (or hire) abortionists because pro-life people (and I'd guess a lot of pro-choice people) don't want to patronize an abortionist for other services.  The funding here, then, makes PP the vendor of choice for a range of services and keeps their clinics solvent.  

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