Church History

This Month Marks the 67th Anniversary of the Martyrdom of the Five Missionaries in Ecuador

"Steve Saint texted me last Sunday, reminding me that it was the 67th anniversary of the death of his father Nate Saint and the other missionary martyrs in Ecuador: Jim Elliot, Ed McCully, Roger Youderian, and Pete Fleming." - Randy Alcorn

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A call for Protestant intellectual leadership: Benedict and a passing moment of Catholic influence

"As Rome’s luster dims in the years ahead, Protestants must seize their opportunity to once again assert intellectual leadership of Western Christianity, defending creedal and moral orthodoxy with scholarly rigor, rhetorical clarity, and pastoral grace in the midst of a confused and darkening world." - World

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“We Cannot Uphold You”: Antebellum Baptists Who Bucked Prevailing Norms on Slavery

"Northern Baptists opposed slavery in the antebellum era and southern Baptists supported it....It’s not an invalid summary of the broad state of affairs, yet the reality was more complex. Consider the case of David Barrow." - London Lyceum

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Unitarians and Episcopalians Created American Christmas

"The New England Puritans were strong opponents of Christmas, not only because of its connections with Roman Catholicism but also because, in 17th-century England, it had become a day known more for excessive drinking and gaming than for any religious observance." - CToday

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