Church Life

"Members of the blood-bought church of Jesus Christ have a holy calling to put up with one another."

"Forbearance is more than a nicety we extend to fellow church members when convenient. It’s a moral responsibility: we are called to clothe ourselves with the virtue of “bearing with one another” in fidelity to Christ (Eph. 4:2; Col. 3:13; cf. Rom. 15:1)." - 9 Marks

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“Protestant churchgoers (86%) say they are proud of how their church has responded during the coronavirus pandemic”

"Most churchgoers experienced some type of back-and-forth with the availability of in-person services. For 3 in 10 (31%), in-person services stopped at their church for a short period of time and have since resumed. Another 22% say in-person services were halted for much of the year but have resumed." - LifeWay

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Four pictures of the church you won't find in the Bible

"The church as a gas station—where you fill up your spiritual gas tank when you’re running low... The church as a movie theater—a place that offers entertainment... The church as a drug store—where you can fill the prescription that will deal with your pain... The church as a big box retailer—the place that offers the best products in a clean and safe environment for you and your family" - Colin Smith

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Not So Unprecedented Times: What We Can Learn From the Spanish Flu Church

"Since most of us don’t know anyone who was alive in 1919, it’s easy to feel like we’ve never been here before. And yet, a brief look into the not too distant past shows that in some ways, this is nothing new. Specifically, the church in America has been here before and emerged stronger on the other side, which raises the question: How did that happen?" - F&T

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