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Evangelicals largely satisfied with all aspects of church, new study finds

"More than 38 percent of churchgoers wouldn’t change a thing among the 14 categories studied, according to 'The Congregational Scorecard: What Evangelicals Want in a Church' released Thursday and jointly conducted by Infinity Concepts and Grey Matter Research." - BPNews

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A New Book Outlines a Game Plan for a Church-led ‘Marriage Renaissance’

"... Endgame: The Church’s Strategic Move to Save Faith and Family in America, a new book by John Van Epp and J.P. De Gance... they point out that most 'churches currently allocate almost no capital or energy either to marriage ministry or to ministry for relationship health.'" - IFS

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‘Our Building Is Not the Church. We Are’—The Faith Stories Coming Out of Friday’s Devastating Tornado Damage

"After an unprecedented swarm of tornadoes caused widespread devastation Friday, residents of hard-hit areas gathered Sunday to worship God, offer encouragement, and help meet needs. More than 50 twisters—including one with a 200-mile path—caused significant tornado damage in eight states." - C.Leaders

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Confessing the Faith: The Place of Confessions in Church Life

"Our regular confession of the fundamentals of the faith is partly an endeavor to humble ourselves. In a global city like Vienna, we aren’t usually the first true church that one of our new members has encountered.... we regularly pray for their success. Indeed, we confess our unity with them in the gospel, that is, for instance, expressed in the Apostle’s Creed." - 9 Marks

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11 Reasons Your Congregation Should Memorize Scripture Together

"During my current interim pastorate, I’ve challenged the church to memorize Scripture together. It has been such a fun experience that I wish I had done that during my 14 years of full-time pastoral ministry. Now more than ever, I see value in this approach to corporate memorization" - Chuck Lawless

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Apathy: Why It Has Hit the Church So Hard and Your Next Step to Break Out of It

"The problem of apathy has hit churches. Both leaders and congregants are struggling to move forward following the pandemic. A general lack of enthusiasm is defining the culture of many churches right now. What’s going on?" - Rainer

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