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Help! I’ve Been Asked to Deliver the Announcements

"Often announcements are bemoaned as a distraction from worship—and they can be. But if everything a church does together is part of our worship, announcing them on Sunday should be also. In these announcements, we get to hear concretely how Scripture is moving this congregation to act together." - 9 Marks

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Church Discipline: Guarding the Gospel

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Ever heard of church discipline? Have you experienced church discipline or seen it practiced in a local church?

Shortly after publishing Pioneer Missions, I had opportunity to discuss the book with a number of cross-cultural missionaries from around the world who read it, including Korean, American, British, and Canadian workers. One part of the book that provoked much discussion was what I said about church discipline. In the book, I urge church planting missionaries to understand the importance of church discipline in guarding the Gospel. One missionary, upon reading how this is emphasized in the New Testament, expressed dismay that he had never seen it practiced in his large urban sending church.

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