Making the Decision to Go to Seminary: Considerations Before Going


“get a secular degree and a job first….Does God call some straight from high school to a Bible college and then to a church? Sure. Is it better to obtain a secular degree and begin honing relational skills in the workforce? I believe so for most people.” - Sam Rainer


Failures and Fixes of Leader Training, Part 1

A night club, a recording studio, an apartment complex, a tae-kwon-do facility. No, these are not answers to the questions from the winner’s circle of the $25,000 Pyramid gameshow. This is the reality for many church buildings in America. Places that once boasted the gathering of worshipers for Jesus Christ, are now lamented as monuments to “empires” of the past. Some were edifices built not for the King, but for a king!


Training Up Men for the Church, Part 1

By Tim Sigler. Reposted, with permission, from Voice.

The mandate of training up men for service to the church is straightforward and clear—and the need is always great! In his second letter to Timothy, Paul entrusts the following charge to his son in the faith: