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Founder of S. Korea's Shincheonji Church Accused of Willful Negligence in Coronavirus Spread

"South Korean officials are looking into whether Lee Man-hee, controversial founder of the Shincheonji Church, broke the law by not complying with the government during the coronavirus outbreak. More than half of the country’s 4,000+ cases of COVID-19, the disease caused by the new virus, have been linked to members of the church, which has been labeled a cult." - CLeaders

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Speaking with a Pastor in Italy’s Coronavirus “Hot Zone”

Pastor Andrea Artioli reported that "he lives in the 'hot zone' of the coronavirus outbreak in Northern Italy. He told [readers] as well that his church has been instructed by local authorities that it may not meet for at least the next two weeks. I thought it might prove interesting to ask him a few questions about his experience." - Challies

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Barna: 72% of pastors see “watered down gospel teaching is a significant concern confronting the church today”

"While issues like religious liberty and celebrity pastors garner significant headlines and social media discussion, they rank toward the bottom of the issues pastors say are major concerns facing the Christian church in the U.S. today." - F&T

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Why Some Leaders Burn Out—and 4 Ways to Prevent It

"For himself, Greear says, idolatry has been a driving factor in times of ministry burnout. 'That’s because idolatry always puts something out there that you have to obtain ... And so there’s always somebody … some success to match. The church has got to be this size. I’ve got to be invited to do this. I’ve got to have this many followers.” - Facts & Trends

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"Why are pastors failing? Why are churches angry? ... perhaps the greatest reason is the lack of soft skills among pastors.”

"It’s difficult to verbalize a person’s lack of empathy. It seems childish to be peeved over the fact that the pastor’s SUV is the first one out of the parking lot after worship services. Since churches can’t explain a pastor’s flat bedside manner before a dying saint or his lackadaisical attitude toward a frustrated children’s ministry volunteer, they look for other things to complain about." - Facts & Trends

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Public’s Trust of Pastors Rebounds Slightly

"The latest Gallup survey of Americans’ opinions and trust of specific occupations found clergy improving from 37% last year to 40% in 2020, marking the first increase in a decade. Overall, medical practitioners dominate the top of the list, with nurses ranked highest (85%) for the 18th straight year." - Facts & Trends

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