Pastoral Leadership

Pandemic division causing pastors to leave ministry, pastoral mentor says

“I know of pastors who are quitting just over the stress of this issue and what it’s causing in their churches, and I know churches splitting over whether you should wear a mask or not . . .  COVID has impacted every pastor to some degree. Usually it has brought more challenges and more difficulty.” - BPNews

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Should Young Pastors Prefer a Large or Small Church?

"Theodore Cuyler took on this question in his book How To Be a Pastor.... His answer is straightforward, his reasoning compelling. It is worth considering today. 'I answer unhesitatingly, the small church.' ...He offers a three-pronged defense of his position." - Challies

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Gallup: Americans’ Trust of Pastors Hovers Near All-Time Low

"Americans are more likely to trust medical professionals, while few believe pastors are completely honest. Gallup’s annual ratings of the honesty and ethical standards of professions finds nurses continue to be the most trusted, followed by medical doctors, grade-school teachers and pharmacists." - F&T

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