Pastoral Leadership

LifeWay Research: Most pastors oppose marijuana use, legalization

"Mainline pastors (43 percent) are also more likely to believe marijuana should be legalized for any purpose than evangelical pastors (10 percent). Denominationally, Methodist (37 percent) and Presbyterian Reformed (35 percent) pastors are more likely to back legalization than Restorationist movement pastors [Christian/Church of Christ] (21 percent), Lutherans (15 percent), Pentecostals (10 percent) and Baptists (7 percent)." - LifeWay

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150 People Expelled From FL Church After Trying to Vote Out Leadership

"When Welch canceled FBC’s longtime Christmas pageant, an event that drew thousands of attendees annually, local press began covering the internal drama. Church member Deanna Weilhouwer, who sold pageant tickets for 24 years, told the Sun Sentinel those sales funded about one-third of FBC’s annual budget." - C. Leaders

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Six Reasons Senior Pastors Should Lead a Mentoring Group

"Ronnie was instrumental in launching Radical Mentoring at Southeast Christian, and he’s co-mentored two groups with their Senior Pastor.... I asked Ronnie why he thinks it’s essential for Senior Pastors to mentor, and he shared the following six reasons" - Kevin Harris

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Why It’s Great to Be a Faceless, Nameless Pastor

"Unfortunately, many of the men who 'inspired' me in my early years of ministry were all celebrities who have since been released from their pastor jobs. Almost all of the pastors I looked up to back in 2011, 2012, 2013 are now considered cheaters, liars, abusers, drunks, and narcissists." - C. Leaders

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