6 Really Bad Pastor Appreciation Gifts

"pastors should be appreciated all the time, and not just one month a year. Pray for your pastors, pay them well, and give them time and space to love and lead their families. And maybe reconsider your pastor appreciation gifts." - C.Leaders

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I must confess that when I saw the headline, I was sure that it had to be The Babylon Bee.  That noted, it's really a pretty good list.

Perhaps it might be edifying to come up with some good pastor appreciation gifts.  I'll take a stab at it:

  • A monetary bonus (duh)
  • Gift card for babysitting so pastor & wife can have date night
  • Figure out something he needs, and offer to provide/pay for it.  (good option might be fresh tires for his car to keep him safe this winter)
  • Gift card for his favorite restaurant
  • Drop by well before church starts, see what he's doing, and help him get it done so he can rest a bit.


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