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Ministry & COVID-19 Roundup

Here's a collection of some of the latest (at this moment) COVID-19 related news and views, mostly from Christian sources. 

Christian perspectives... 

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“If you aren’t clear on the mission and engaged in it together, your team will always be dysfunctional.”

"I’ve been truly blessed through most of my ministry to have some great team members. But I’ve also had some bad experiences in this department, and these contrasting experiences have revealed a few characteristics that make someone a truly great team member." - F&T

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Patrick Odle Appointed President-Elect of Baptist Mid-Missions

"Odle is currently pastor of First Baptist Church, Elyria, Ohio, where he has served since 2011, and a member of the GARBC Council of Eighteen. He was previously assistant pastor of Ankeny (Iowa) Baptist Church (1991–1999); pastor of Holmes Baptist Church, Clarion, Iowa (1999–2008); and vice president of enrollment and student life at Faith Baptist Bible College and Theological Seminary (2008–2011)." - GARBC

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