The Twilight Series from a Christian Perspective, Part 1

twilight_cvr.jpgGirl meets boy. Boy becomes obsessed with girl. Girl returns the favor. Boy turns out to be a vampire. Girl doesn’t mind as long as she can be with boy every moment of her life. This is a stereotypical, adolescent relationship (with the exception of the Dracula factor)! In Stephanie Meyer’s fast-paced Twilight series, obsessive love is the name of the game. The main character, Isabella “Bella” Swan, has never dated before she encounters the perfect-in-every-way Edward Cullen. What ensues is a highly charged romance that is sure to suck in every female heart longing for a little excitement and (apparently) clean fantasy. This review primarily considers the novels since they tell the story in far greater detail than the movie.

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An Unsafe God

by Pastor Dan Miller

Editor’s Note: This article was reprinted with permission from Dan Miller’s book Spiritual Reflections.

“Who said anything about safe?”
AslanHave you ever been reading and had a line jump off the page, grab you by the nose hairs, and refuse to let go until your body fairly tingles and your eyes nearly water with its meaning? That was my experience when I first read Mr. Beaver’s classic retort to Susan in C. S. Lewis’s fictional series The Chronicles of Narnia (Book 2: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, p. 86).

In this classic tale—verbally shallow enough for children to wade in, philosophically deep enough for adults to drown in—Lewis creates the make-believe world of Narnia. In this mythical land, people and animals converse with one another, and Lewis chooses to cast a great lion named Aslan as the Christ-figure.

A group of English children find themselves in Narnia, seated at a kitchen table, talking with Mr. and Mrs. Beaver. Word has it that Aslan has recently arrived on a rare visit to Narnia and that arrangements have been made for the children to meet the “Lord of all the wood” (Mr. Beaver’s description). Young Susan, in particular, is hesitant about meeting a lion. She queries:

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Noteworthy Book Recommendations 2008

The Christmas season is upon us, and some of you may still be finishing up your shopping for gifts. Others of us are hoping that there will be some “book money” in the stocking. By the way, gift certificates are usually the safest way to go when a book lover is on your list and you have no idea which book to select. (They’re also very easy to wrap!) Our favorite bookstores offer gift certificates that can be purchased online. They are as follows:

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