Bob Jones University: Epicenter of Fundamentalism's Future?

"a controversy over the future of both Bob Jones University and fundamentalism is raging. That fight centers on the presidency of Steve Pettit. Will he stay or will he go? Part of the fight centers on this basic question: what, exactly, is fundamentalism?" - Joshua Valdez

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Why the FBFI?

"We enjoyed tremendous services and other sessions at our recent annual meeting....You can find audio and video for our sessions here (not all sessions recorded in video). One of our afternoon panel discussions featured a worthy question for our panelists, 'Why join the FBFI?'" - P&D

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2019 FBFI Annual Fellowship – Audio

"...now you can attend virtually by means of the conference audio. We’ll link each session below, with brief descriptions of the messages. The last night of the conference I had a lot of trouble going to sleep — my mind kept replaying moments through the conference, thinking about the messages and the whole time of fellowship. It was a spiritual highpoint for sure." - Don Johnson

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