Family Life

Pew: Rising share of Americans see women raising children on their own, cohabitation as bad for society

"47% of U.S. adults say single women raising children on their own is generally a bad thing for society, an increase of 7 percentage points.... Roughly a quarter of U.S. adults (24%) now say that couples living together without being married is generally bad for society, up 5 points from three years ago." - Pew

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Pew: Growing share of childless adults in U.S. don’t expect to ever have children

"Birth rates in the United States dropped during the COVID-19 pandemic amid the twin public health and economic crises, lending evidence to predictions from early on in the outbreak that economic uncertainty might trigger a baby bust." - Pew

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On the 25th Anniversary of Welfare Reform, a Study Asks How It Worked

"Each big anniversary of the 1996 welfare reform . . . sees an outpouring of retrospectives . . . It’s long been clear that single mothers flooded into the labor force after the reform, and that their income went up. What’s less clear is whether some particularly disadvantaged families were left behind, and how overall well-being changed for the affected households." - IFS

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The Good News About Our Economy & Families

"Among both conservatives and progressives, there are claims that the world is getting worse and that the American family had a better standard of living, better opportunities for employment, and a simpler life forty years ago. . . . There are several factors that play into this perception. The first is that we suffer from . . . negativity bias. It is easier for us to see the bad things that are happening rather than the progress." - IFWE

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