Tim Scott for President?


“Scott chose a different narrative. Instead of talking about overcoming, he overcame. He said he had gone ‘from cotton to Congress’ and embraced ‘victory over victimhood.’” - Cal Thomas



Why I’m Probably Not Voting This Year

As election day approaches this year, the prospect of voting looks different to me than it has in the past. Whether I look to the left or to the right, my thoughts echo the prophet Jeremiah: “…Why does the way of the wicked prosper? Why do all who are treacherous thrive?” (Jer 12:1).

Hopefully the situation improves by 2024.

Some may wonder what principles would normally make a Christian feel obligated to vote. They include these:


Christians in the Age of Trump

Donald Trump is unlike any U.S. president before him, a real enigma to many. Some scold Christians for supporting a president who is so un-Christlike. Are Christians wrong to support a man like this?