Culture War

What is the “Greatest Threat to the Gospel”?

"What this 'greatest threat' trope ignores is the clear teaching of Jesus that He will build His church and not even the gates of hell will prevail against it (Matthew 16:17-19). The gospel is never threatened because it is the Savior who ensures His kingdom will advance." - LifeWay

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Exile in the ‘Seven Mountains’: beyond a politics of domination

"As Evan Koons explains in the film, 'Simply put, we are being called by God to spend the remainder of our days serving our captors, working with them (not fighting them or conforming to them or fleeing from them – but serving them) and compromising nothing.'" - Acton

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Contra Rod Dreher, Not All Signs Point to a Woke Dictatorship in America

"At its best, the book forces an increasingly frayed and polarized Christian church to answer for its moral and political apathy. Yet Dreher’s work is missing something: a self-awareness, a careful sobriety, a consciousness that even those on the good side can unwittingly become the thing they seek to destroy." - C.Today

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How Liberal Arts Colleges Could Save Civilization

"The same love of darkness which will tear down statues, regardless of who they depict, will sacrifice the liberal arts core of education in the name of relevance. The culture wars are not really about right versus left; they are about memory versus oblivion." - TAC

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