Culture War

George Barna offers roadmap to help more Americans embrace a biblical worldview

"After highlighting that only 6% of U.S. adults possess a biblical worldview, George Barna, director of research at Arizona Christian University’s Cultural Research Center,  concluded that 'the only viable way to transform America is by restoring its collective worldview to reflect biblical principles.'" - CPost

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Wikipedia bans editors from expressing support for traditional marriage

"Wikipedia has decided to restrict its editors from expressing opposition to same-sex marriage on its platform ­— a decision that comes months after co-founder Larry Sanger said the site’s neutrality policy was 'dead.'" - C.Post

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How Not to Have a Civil War, Part 2: Acknowledging the Divide

"...those living for eternity, and not merely for the next election—and the power and resources it will bring—are not inclined to live as combatants for those temporal things; they have other desires, and the fulfillment of those desires is guaranteed by divine omnipotence." - Olinger

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“Is a warlike posture the proper response to an increasingly anti-Christian society?”

"The problem with the culture-war approach is not that it (rightly) discerns opposition from the world. The problem is in the chosen mode of response. By embracing the culture-war paradigm, many Christians adopt—likely inadvertently—an 'all’s fair in love and war' perspective....And so we employ battle tactics we normally would not find defensible" - TGC

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Ariz. Christian U., George Barna to launch 'Christian Research Center' to transform US culture

"The center will unveil on Tuesday the findings of its inaugural national research study, the American Worldview Inventory 2020. Barna maintains the study is 'the most sophisticated survey of worldview ever conducted in the United States.'" - CPost

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