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Three Reasons Every Christian Should Cultivate Curiosity

"...the Pharisees thought they knew everything, had learned everything, had mastered everything. It’s that arrogance that cut them off from experiencing the presence of God and caused them to spit in the face of the Messiah they had been waiting for when he was in their midst." - C.Leaders

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The Capitol Attack Signaled a Post-Christian Church, Not Merely a Post-Christian Culture

"Some might dismiss the Christian symbols at the insurrection—not only signs but prayers 'in Jesus’ name' right next to a horn-wearing shaman.... some might wave away the evangelicals who falsely claimed in the days afterward that it had been a crowd of antifa activists... .And yet, survey after survey shows that alarming numbers of white evangelicals believe the lie behind the attack" - CToday

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Living Normally in an Abnormal World

"As Christ followers, we will never feel normal in this world. Sin’s influence keeps the sands shifting beneath our feet. Pandemics, politics, pseudo-science all threaten our security. But as I keep my eyes on the One who secured my salvation and holds my future, I can live steadied by His truth." - Sandy Carter

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