White Southern Evangelicals Are Leaving the Church

"Already, 30 percent of Southern Baptists 'seldom' or 'never' attend church....The southern Bible Belt is quickly becoming a region of unchurched or lapsed Protestants who may still hang onto their evangelical identity to some extent but who don’t think going to church is necessary." - CToday

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Secularization and the Problem of Passing Faith on to the Next Generation

"Cameron Hilditch, a writer at National Review, reports on a study that gives an interesting take on the cause behind the declines, 'Secularization Caused by Government Control of Education.' The article is behind the NR paywall, so I will offer a few highlights." - Don Johnson

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A Cold Take on Deconversion (from Josh Harris’s Brother)

"I think this excerpt is perhaps the most helpful. It's from an interview between Sarah Zylstra and Alex Harris, younger brother of Joshua (well known for kissing dating, and then Christianity, goodbye), and if you've been wrestling with the subject yourself, these few paragraphs in particular are worth your time." - Think Theology

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