Rise and Fall of Mars Hill podcast: Why Josh Harris and others left the faith

"After almost two decades, Joshua Harris left ministry battered and exhausted. A few years later, he left the faith altogether. In this bonus episode of the podcast, we try to understand why." - Christianity Today

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that the article links to. Tell me if what this entire show presents is even REMOTELY close to the Christianity you practice. The entire vibe, worldview, and practice. Then listen to Joshua Harris as a bonus.



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The first episode asks the question:  Why did Mars Hill fall and who is to blame?"  And who do they say is to blame?  Why, all of us of course!  Thanks, CT for the cliche!  I tell you the truth, I am to blame neither for Driscoll's rise nor his fall. 

OK!  Got that off my chest.  Seriously, this series is a great story and if you were influenced by Jack Hyles in your youth as I was, it's a familiar one.  I think it's interesting that the calvinists in the Driscoll story have the exact same dynamic going on as the fundamentalist had a generation ago.  While CT tells a good story, I'd say they are struggling to interpret its meaning.