Have Donald Trump's Lewd Comments Changed How You Will Vote?

We all know that Trump's recording has hit the media, and that many supporters are changing or considering changing their voting intentions.  Were you affected?  If you were not going to vote for him and still are not, then you would be unaffected.  

My voting choice is unaffected by the recent Trump scandal.
94% (34 votes)
I am unsure about how I will vote now because of the scandal.
3% (1 vote)
I have changed how I will vote because of the scandal.
0% (0 votes)
3% (1 vote)
Total votes: 36
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josh p's picture

There has not been one second that I planned to vote for him so no change here. He is utterly ridiculous in pretty much every way that I can think of. I would personally be surprised if there is a lot of fallout on his polling over his lewd comments. Anyone that has been with him up to this point is probably going to vote for him almost no matter what he does. The same goes for Hillary. 

Aaron Blumer's picture


... because I already knew he was that kind of man (and worse, as time will show) and had already accepted the fact that I have no major party nominee to vote for this time.

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JBL's picture

As a political candidate, Trump does have one strength about his persona.  He, like WHC and Reagan, can contextualize and visceralize voter's concerns well.  He does it much better then HRC, Kerry, McCain, and Romney.

As appalling as the other aspects of his persona are, I was thinking that what we saw during the primaries was simply a Hollywood veneer that would instantly fall off once he had sewn up the Republican nomination.  But it didn't.  He is who he is.  

I believe that Trump actually would have won had is personality allowed for this pivot, and he had become more measured it what he said and how he said it.  The video revelation would not have hurt as much had he changed his public persona in May and June.


John B. Lee

Sean Fericks's picture

Wasn't going to vote for the Debauched Demagogue.  Still will not vote for the Debauched Demagogue.